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Roadblocks in Burlington Township, New Jersey

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Route 541 High Street

Burlington Township, New Jersey

Police department routinely holds up traffic on this road checking for inspection and seat belts. There are always at least two officers on each side of the highway checking from both directions. Usually occurs during the late morning on weekdays when people are just running their errands on there day off from work. Police officers don't seem friendly at all. They have been doing this for years in this township.

This New Jersey roadblock was added to the Roadblock Registry in June 2014.

High St (Rt 541)

Burlington Township, New Jersey

Officers slow down traffic by creating a bottleneck and peek in your window for seatbelt and other violations.Officers are courteous,but slow traffic and create a safety hazard.They also divert business away from the area.

This New Jersey roadblock was added to the Roadblock Registry in June 2003.

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