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Roadblocks in Wayne, New Jersey

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Hwy 23 South near Willowbrook Mall

Wayne, New Jersey

Right hand turn off Hwy 23 South at Willowbrook Mall Entrance, no signage, no exit, two Police vehicles with officers on foot ordering right hand turning motorists to the curb.

This New Jersey roadblock was added to the Roadblock Registry in November 2010.

Route 23 South On ramp at Mountainview Train Station

Wayne, New Jersey

This site is obstensibly set up for seat belts in the wake of the governors recent high speed crash wherein the Governor being driven by a State Trooper of the Executive Detail was traveling at over 90 mph at the time of the incident when an civilian motorist was frightened by the oncoming motorcade at high speed and started a chain reation crash.

The state has begun a safety program involving seat belts...But at this location several Police agencies even the Sheriffs have set up impromptu check points under the 23 N-S bridge, & Wayne PD have been conducting random check points for registration and insurance etc for some time now with impunity.

Recent telephone inquiries to the PD reveal they are aware of the Supreme Court view regarding what is a legal check point saying "we dont do that here". The notion that the double standard as we are the city we do what we want is unaccaptable when there is clear settles law with respect to roadside checkpoonts be they seat belts, child seats, registration, insurance, or random select impulse by an officer.

This New Jersey roadblock was added to the Roadblock Registry in September 2007.

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