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Roadblocks in Schroon Lake, New York

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Route 9

Schroon Lake, New York

Border Patrol and NYS Troopers, the Border Patrol agent ran the entire operation.
Asking all sorts of questions (where were you? when did you go there? what for?) then they wanted to search the vehicle without warrant or suspicion. Very disturbing that our constitutional rights are slowly being diminished much as it was done in communist states and fascist states. Many good men and women have shed blood to defend our rights and now the present politicians want to forget that and take them away.

This New York roadblock was added to the Roadblock Registry in September 2011.

Interstate 87

Schroon Lake, New York

I was appalled that the US Customs border patrol was 100 miles south of the Canadian border checking everyone going south on Interstate 87. This is outrageous! Since 911, New York is a police state. We got too many cops up here and they got too much time on their hands. They are determined to keep the local jails nice and full so everyone can keep their jobs working in the prison system.

This New York roadblock was added to the Roadblock Registry in June 2003.

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