Fort Smith, Arkansas Roadblocks

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State Line Road between Zero St & Cavanaugh Rd

Fort Smith, ArkansasMay 19, 2017

State Line Road runs along the Arkansas/Oklahoma border. One night, there were 4 Oklahoma Highway Patrol cars there one Friday evening around 10 or 11pm. They claimed it was a “vehicle safety checkpoint,” but I think they were trying to catch drunks taking the backway into Fort Smith, coming from the Pocola Casino not far from the roadblock location. This occurred in Fall of 2016.

I-540 Entrance ramp from Zero Street

Fort Smith, ArkansasMay 01, 2010

Told Arkansas State Troopers that I did not approve of being stopped while getting my license out for inspection. I had my 14 year old son in my car with me at the time and the trooper informed me that I needed to keep comments like that to myself in front of my child. When I told him he had no business telling me what I could or could not say in front of my son he ordered me to the side of the ramp for a stepped up interrogation. They did their best to intimidate and harrass but ultimately they gave me my license back and told me to get out of their sight.

Grand Ave. exit north off of I-540

Fort Smith, ArkansasAug 01, 2009

Set up late at night. I think they were checking for DUI.

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