Nelson, British Columbia Roadblocks

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Highway heading south out of Nelson BC

Nelson, British ColumbiaJan 01, 2003

This was a one-time event (for us) as we were in the area for the weekend. A few km south of Nelson, BC, on the highway heading towards Salmo, on an early Saturday evening (Sept. 2002), we rounded a corner and the road was blocked, maybe 4 RCMP (police) vehicles (3 cars & a van all w/ lights flashing), adjacent to a private business’s parking lot (for expanded activities as needed). We had no time to react.

The RCMP’s were polite and asked 5-6 questions, most regarding alcohol consumption, purpose & destination of travel and seatbelts. We answered them and they waived us on. (I am told this sort of thing happens "all the time" throughout Canada, since they do not have a realistic Bill of Rights like the USA does.

We could have fit a ‘suspicious’ profile perhaps but they stopped every car in the short time we were there, and did not seem to ask more than the few terciary questions.

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