Vancouver, British Columbia Roadblocks

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North West Marine Drive

Vancouver, British ColumbiaAug 11, 2023

Heading north to Jericho on North West Marine Drive just past West 3rd Ave after making a slight right from West 4th Ave .

Expo Blvd.

Vancouver, British ColumbiaDec 12, 2012

Roadblock Expo Blvd under the overpass past costco going towards bc place. watch out folks!

Granville Sreet Bridge

Vancouver, British ColumbiaSep 15, 2012

On bridge heading North early Friday and Saturday evenings.

On bridge heading South late Friday and Saturday evenings.

Long weekends include Sundays.

Cordova & Abbot. (expressway heading east out of downtown)

Vancouver, British ColumbiaSep 15, 2012

Dark area with poor lighting with lots of homeless people makes driving difficult at night. These factors are used as an excuse to pull over cautious drivers. It is one way with three lanes. If you turn onto cordova they will jump on the fact of which lane you choose. If you scuff the curb when turning on that dark corner they will fabricate it as driving on the sidewalk — misleading and a fabrication.

Popular roadblock on weekends (hidden)

1300 block of Pacific Way (Yaletown District)

Vancouver, British ColumbiaSep 15, 2012

Random set-up with one ghost car picking off cars hoping to trap folks after dinner in Yaletown).

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