Vancouver, British Columbia Roadblocks

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Oak Street (North of Broadway)

Vancouver, British ColumbiaSep 15, 2012

Sunset on into the evening. one car hiding then picking off cars on the hill. Quite a light-show from a rooftop patio.

Pacific Way (both sides of BC Place Stadium)

Vancouver, British ColumbiaSep 15, 2012

Both Are one way whether coming or going.

Coming or heading West they hide a full roadblock in the corner of the tunnel on random weekends in the evenings.

Kingsway (2 blocks west of Boundary road)

Vancouver, British ColumbiaSep 15, 2012

Randomly set up in the evenings mid-week heading East to Burnaby.

Stanley Park Causeway

Vancouver, British ColumbiaDec 09, 2011

Up to two hour traffic delays on Georgia Street going to North and West Vancouver. Targetting luxury vehicles and their drivers.

Terminal Ave and Clark Dr, Eastbound

Vancouver, British ColumbiaNov 19, 2011

Leaving downtown after a party, and got stopped here at almost 4am. Traveling eastbound on terminal, you get to a bridge that you can’t see over. Once you mount that slope you’ll be greeted by the cops before the intersection of Clark. No where to run. Avoid terminal if leaving downtown. Asked for license, questions on how many drinks consumed, and also a breath test.

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