Colton, California Roadblocks

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Corner of Indigo and San Bernardino Ave

Colton, CaliforniaSep 06, 2019

Many accidents and tragic deaths happen on that stop sign because of street racing. Don’t be a victim, slow down. Cops are facing south on Indigo, watching racing cars run the stop sign on San Bernardino Ave.

Corner of San Bernardino Ave & Indigo Ave

Colton, CaliforniaOct 01, 2005

I personally have not been thru the roadblock but, I have lived in the area for 3yrs and can tell you that the Colton P.D. sets up a roadblock just about every 2-3 months with no warning that you are coming up to one nor do you have a chance to turn around. Also besides the roadblocks, cops will be sitting right on Indigo Ave. facing southbound towards San Bernardino Ave. as this is a stop sign waiting for their next victim.

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