Irvine, California Roadblocks

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Alton and Culver

Irvine, CaliforniaFeb 14, 2015

Evening around 9PM Culver Drive Northbound right after Alton, next to the Mark Daily Field. All lanes except one were blocked and a mobile checkpoint setup with lights and vans to stop and interrogate motorists.

Irvine Center Drive / Sand Canyon

Irvine, CaliforniaNov 01, 2003

I have decided to list this in the road block registry. Just this past Summer, I saw something fishy going on.They had police, K-9 dogs,and black and white trailers. It sounded like something serious was going on. However, I feel that this might of been a road block in progress. Most of the police/Sheriff agencies in the Orange County area have random road blocks. Just watch for them!

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