Moreno Valley, California Roadblocks

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Fredrick and Bay

Moreno Valley, CaliforniaFeb 07, 2014

The suggestion that the Marino Valley Road block is only for blacks and Hispanics to be IDD is ridiculous. I a white man and married into a multiracial family and I was also asked for my ID. With that said quit being stupid and try to get along with other people. You don’t get respect you EARN it..

Throughout city, checkpoints move every 2 hrs

Moreno Valley, CaliforniaFeb 01, 2010

Primarly racial profiling. Tactic to get unlicensed vehicles towed. Only Blacks and Hispanics asked for D.L.

Cactus Road East at Frederick Street

Moreno Valley, CaliforniaJun 01, 2009

Regular Friday Night stops June 2009.

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