West Hollywood, California Roadblocks

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Sunset Blvd

West Hollywood, CaliforniaJan 01, 2004

West Hollywood Sheriffs stopped ALL cars at this checkpoint. Other times this checkpoint is part of the anti-cruising enforcement. Motors were strategically positioned to prevent anyone from escaping the checkpoint via side streets. The "accessible" side streets were dead-ends. This is a "cruising control" checkpoint under the pretense of easing traffic congestion (when in fact the opposite was the result). LASD works both directions. Vehicles are videotaped as they are stopped by deputies. The vehicle’s license is recorded and entered into a database. The driver and all passengers receive a warning the first time through not to pass through the control area again (or face a $100 fine each for cruising). Deputies also inquire about your destination or reason for traveling through the strip. They have also stopped vehicles and cited them for loud sound systems. Heavily fortified with police.

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