Palm Beach County, Florida Roadblocks

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Belvedere Rd. under I-95 overpass.

Palm Beach County, FloridaMar 28, 2015

Police have East bound lanes of Belvedere Road blocked to a single lane under the I-95 overpass. Traffic is slowed to a crawl as they said they are looking for seat belt violations. Is this just an excuse to search for more? In the passenger side seat, I was wearing my dark grey seat belt over my dark grey t-shirt. The officer accused me of not wearing one and then accused me of slipping it on after he stopped the vehicle. I explained to him that both the driver and I, the passenger, always wear seat belts. If we don’t, the suv makes a bonging, dinging sound until we have it on. He asked for my name and birth date. Why? He went back to his car and punched on his computer. He then came back and said he was mistaken and that his buddy verified that he, in fact, saw my seat belt in place and it was just tough to see over a matching colored t-shirt. Are they out fishing for money? He actually apologized and shook my hand after I offered it. What an unnecessary inconvenience. IT SHOULD BE UP TO US WHETHER OR NOT WE CHOOSE TO WEAR A SEAT BELT. I choose to, but they should not have a right to check. Shame on them. I was born a long time before the idea of airbags. Back off Big Government!

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