Athens, Georgia Roadblocks

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College Station going south from UGA campus

Athens, GeorgiaOct 22, 2011

The is a roadblock on college station passing the first light and passing the little bridge with a right curve. There is no warning and there are no little street to react. I passed the field test. I stayed in balance with one foot for like 20 mississi ppis and I stayed with perfect balance walking on a straight line and they had no mercy and towed my car.

Macon Hwy Between Timothy Road and Lumpkin Street

Athens, GeorgiaMar 01, 2010

Was asked if I had anything to drink and given a field Sobriety test. The officer said he was unable to determine if I had been drinking from the vision test and would not continue the field sobriety test. Then he told me to go home and stay there.

Epps Bridge Road At the entrance to Kohls

Athens, GeorgiaMar 01, 2010

This roadblock is frequently setup after football games to check traffic leaving Athens and heading to wards Atlanta on 316. Officer asked if I had been drinking. I replied no but my wife had. She told him I was the DD. He looked me dead in the eye and said, "To us that means drunk driver." I told him it did not to me and he let us go.

Danielsville Rd between North Ave and Nowhere Rd

Athens, GeorgiaDec 01, 2009

Officer asked for Driver’s License, walked around back of vehicle, and returned license and said "Have a good morning". Suspect that he was smelling for alcohol.

Mitchell Bridge Rd at River Rd

Athens, GeorgiaJul 01, 2009

This is a well known road block targeting traffic towards or from Tallasee road. Set up frequently on weedends during late night hours.

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