Atlanta, Georgia Roadblocks

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Peachtree Street / Spring Street

Atlanta, GeorgiaAug 01, 2006

They are here quite a bit but it is a "hit and run" approach where they are only there for a short while. To be honest with you APD is pretty laid back on DUI. because they get so many 911 calls they do not want to do the paper work They are under a federal court order NOT to take in misdemeanors because the jail is way overcrowded and in complete shambles

Clairmont Rd / I-85 underpass

Atlanta, GeorgiaJul 01, 2006

The set this up at the underpass because it is nearly impossible to get around this intersection and they have a "chasedown" vehicle on the east and West sides of the intersection.. they were here BIG TIME New years eve and other holidays as well …

Huff Rd

Atlanta, GeorgiaJun 01, 2006

Stopped all cars for license. We made it through without even a call in on my ID but a friend 3 cars back had a valid NY ID was asked to pull over and both were handcuffed and their car searched without any stated probable cause or permission. They did not answer to any ?’s and were not given a field sobriety or breath test. Drugs mysteriously found on the floorboard. They stated that others were in jail for turning before the stop. This seems to be a case of profiling.

Clairmont Road

Atlanta, GeorgiaJun 01, 2003

The roadblock was set up between the hours of 3:30am and 4:30am. They were primarly looking to get DUI convictions.

Piedmont Road at Sidney Marcus Blvd

Atlanta, GeorgiaMar 01, 2003

This is a favorite of Atlanta Police, this should have already been reported. This stop is designed to harass the Buckhead crowd when returning to the inner-town regions (Midtown/Downtown). It would be a better idea to stick to Peachtree St or the Atlanta transit system (MARTA) on weekends if you’ve been drinking. Fulton County/Atlanta Police will hit you hard if you get caught, no matter how arbitrary the BAL. I’ve known friends who were sacked for 0.05s

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