Cairo, Georgia Roadblocks

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1 mile out S Broad the crossroads.

Cairo, GeorgiaJul 15, 2012

Usually state patrol officers hide their cars in the pecan orchard at night and and stand by the roadway in the dark (no blue lights) initially stop you for failure to stop at the stop sign (it is a 4-way stop). Then they pounce on you threatening canine dogs and yelling obsenities to the top of their voice. Once you start talking they turn on their recorders but not until then. That way they don’t have to answer to their supervisors. Troopers are the main ones that harass mainly teenagers. The whole county and especially the city of Cairo are victims of resentful officers that try to take their frustrations out on young teens. This goes on routinely, usually on Friday and Saturday nights. The rest of the time they ride around town and harass people by having as many as 4 patrol cars convene on one person. The people are taken out of their car and verbally harassed.

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