Cartersville, Georgia Roadblocks

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cassville rd at middlebrook

Cartersville, GeorgiaJan 10, 2015

Troopers at the four way stop asking for license and running plates.

Jonesmill and Felton rd

Cartersville, GeorgiaJul 28, 2013

July 27 2013 had the three way intersection blocked doing safety check
i turned right out of my rd and they sent a car to follow me for about 11/2 mile then pulled me over saying i was to close to the white line ,they looked like they were looking for someone , there was about 10 cruisers and a van and a bus there ..

Hwy 113 interception with hwy 61

Cartersville, GeorgiaSep 04, 2012

They had cops on either side. Asking everyone in the car for their drivers license!! Definitely “profiling” looking for illegal immigrants. They also had multiple vans set up to take people to jail

Old Alabama rd

Cartersville, GeorgiaMar 30, 2012

Never know when they will be there

Grassdale and Cassvillie Rd stop sign at Shell station

Cartersville, GeorgiaJan 27, 2012

Never know when Georgia state patrol late at night.

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