Clayton, Georgia Roadblocks

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76 West- 5 points gas station

Clayton, GeorgiaJul 21, 2015


314 and E Fayetteville Rd

Clayton, GeorgiaApr 16, 2015


441 at GA/NC border

Clayton, GeorgiaAug 27, 2014

Massive police/sheriff presence. Never seen anything like it. Looked like swat trucks and personnel carrier type vehicles. Must have been 20/40 law enforcement
Even had motorcycle cops string on roadside a ways before the block to stop any early u turn attempts. CRAZY

interstate 285

Clayton, GeorgiaMay 29, 2014

Clayton County Police and SHERIFF ROADBLOCK SOUTH

Old Hwy 441 just north of Clayton

Clayton, GeorgiaJan 01, 2007

Rabun County is rampant with Rabun Co. Sheriff roadblocks, in partnership with city cops. Roadblocks often set up at the SC or NC state lines, also in partnership with out-of-state agencies (one blocking one way, the other blocking the opposite way).

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