Dalton, Georgia Roadblocks

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Antioch Rd and Epperson Dr

Dalton, GeorgiaMar 09, 2014

Two sheriffs in the middle of the road flagging drivers to stop on either side of the road, about eight more sheriff vehicles parked inside a private place of business behind a closed-in ten foot fence, asking for license and proof of insurance. On Saturday 3/8/14 between 10am and 12 noon.

Martin Luther King

Dalton, GeorgiaNov 20, 2013

November 19,2013

E Morris st and McGee Dr

Dalton, GeorgiaApr 25, 2013

checking licens

underneath I-75 on 41 east

Dalton, GeorgiaMay 28, 2012

Drove through around 630 pm, just checking licenses and duis for the holiday weekend.

Walnut Avenue close to Regions Bank

Dalton, GeorgiaSep 09, 2011

The roadblock is on Walnut Avenue between the Regions bank and the Two convienant stores. It was on September 10th around 10:30 pm when I went through it. They had two mobiles set up with big lights on one. They had a row of about 7-8 police checking IDs and on the other side they had the mobiles with a group of police standing. The traffic was backed up pretty bad.

The last police officer yelled at me to stop but the group was telling me to go on through. They were VERY rude and screaming at me.

I assume they were checking for illegals and I figured they had the mobiles set up to check verifications. They only had one lane open with the other two blocked off. This is the biggest one I’ve ever gone through. And I’m sure being here in Dalton, there will be many more to come just as big.

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