Hampton, Georgia Roadblocks

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Just north of Atlanta motor speedway main entrance

Hampton, GeorgiaOct 22, 2016


Oak St in front Clover Ranch

Hampton, GeorgiaOct 21, 2016

Henry County and Clayton County Sheriff blocking from Freds until after Clover Ranch. Asking for driver license.

Oak Street & Central Ave

Hampton, GeorgiaJul 19, 2015

July 17th approx 9pm. License check. It was creepy, I thought they were looking for a fugitive and sometime of serious emergency. Over 20 police in both directions.
Really disappointing this is where our tax dollars go. Wish they would pursue REAL crimes.

First time I’ve seen it not sure how often its performed.

on hwy 19/41

Hampton, GeorgiaJun 09, 2013

Conducted early evening (7:00 PM) on June 8, 2013, numerous State Police on both sides of highway. Actual roadblock set up just north of Atlanta Motor Speedway.

State Hwy 20 Westbound at Westbridge Blvd

Hampton, GeorgiaMay 01, 2007

I have seen a roadblock at this location twice. Once in july of 2006 and once again in february of 2007. The angle of the curve leading to that intersection makes it difficult to see the police cars stopped there. A traffic signal has been added at that intersection since the first roadblock and the area has a shopping center under development at the corner. I was asked for license and insurance. I was asked if i had been drinking. They took my word for it and let me go.

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