Lawrenceville, Georgia Roadblocks

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Sugarloaf pkwy and Lawrenceville hwy 29

Lawrenceville, GeorgiaAug 14, 2015

Georgia state patrol has this intersection completely shutdown so that they are checking each and every vehicle going through this intersection in any direction! They were just checking license and registration/insurance. Because I didn’t have on my seatbelt but fortunately I did not get a ticket!

Buford Dr Route 20 Between Kroger & 12 Stone Church

Lawrenceville, GeorgiaOct 11, 2014

Between Kroger & 12 Stone Church
License, Proof of Insurance.

Hwy. 29 between Ronald Reagan and Bethesda Church Rd.

Lawrenceville, GeorgiaAug 29, 2012

There must have been at least 25 police vehicles including several motorcycles that watch you as you enter the police checkpoint.
They had both sides of Hwy 29 coned off to a single lane checking driver’s license and insurance.

collins hill and 316

Lawrenceville, GeorgiaApr 06, 2012

Officers everywhere

316-E at Collins-Hill Rd.

Lawrenceville, GeorgiaMar 18, 2012


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