Monroe, Georgia Roadblocks

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Hwy 78 between spring street exit and Hwy 11 exit

Monroe, GeorgiaJan 17, 2014

1/17/2014 – I was waved through this roadblock heading east so I think it was winding down but the west bound lanes were still being checked at 8:00 pm. They had enough cars and officers out there to stop an invading army! I assumed they were looking for something or someone that they wanted BAD! But it really looked like a shock and awe campaign. There were over 40 police vehicles, GSP, Walton county and Monroe city and probably some other departments as well, I didn’t know we had that many law enforcement vehicles in Walton county! Every vehicle had its full compliment of lights blaring so it made it difficult to even see where you were going much less the markings on all the vehicles. Plus there were so many officers walking around I was afraid to look away for very long for fear of hitting one of them and then being caught in a hail of gunfire! I do not know what they were doing but it looked like a waste of taxpayer dollars to me! The job they were doing could not possibly have required that many vehicles! Most of the officers I saw were just standing around talking! Honestly it just pissed me off!!!

Good Hope Rd @ SR83

Monroe, GeorgiaNov 30, 2013

“Checking Drivers License”

Walker Dr before White Oak Dr

Monroe, GeorgiaDec 13, 2012

2 Walton Co Cop cars on Walker Drive. Seemed very unofficial. Checked license and sent me on my way.

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