Newnan, Georgia Roadblocks

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Hwy 29 & Corinth Rd. Off Exit 41 right 3 miles

Newnan, GeorgiaOct 01, 2010

There is a bridge over a railroad & you don’t see them till your on the bridge & have no choice to turn around instead. There are different levels of law enforcement present. City, Georgia State Patrol & rookies. Be aware of the different uniforms & colors. They assume, play games of intimidation, make up stuff as they go thru sobriety tests, make you blow into the machine several times to get the results they need to take you straight to jail. They will lie on the stand in court as well as to who made inital contact upon the stop & who performed the roadside tests & about the "eye movement", since the dash cam videos can’t capture the truth. They break the law in the meantime by posting the road block blocking a fire hydrant.

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