Roswell, Georgia Roadblocks

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SR400 exit ramp 7b Roswell

Roswell, GeorgiaAug 12, 2012

Checkpoint set up exiting SR400 onto Holcomb Bridge rd. They were set up on exit 7b (the second exit which circles around to head west on Holcomb Bridge rd). They had cones, lights, 10 cop cars from Alpharetta and Roswell, tow truck, and mobile command center. Stopped like every third car and asked for license. Specifically they asked if the address on the license is my current address. Then he checked my tag (I assume to verify the registration was renewed and I had an updated sticker). Then the cop handed back the license and said “have a good night.”

Highway 140 between Arnold Mill and Mountain Road

Roswell, GeorgiaDec 31, 2011

Checking drivers asking for drivers licenses. About 10 cops with tow trucks in the waiting.

Riverside Rd.

Roswell, GeorgiaDec 01, 2011

20 police officers in an affluent neighborhood asking for ID at 1pm.

Exit 8 off of 400 Mansell

Roswell, GeorgiaAug 01, 2010

Unreal the amount of cops at this check point,at least 80 plus cops,with giant roadside lights,pulling almost everyone to the side,the scene was crazy,women,kids standing on the side of the road.filling up patty wagon after patty wagon…..

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