Dix, Illinois Roadblocks

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Exit 103 on Interstate 57

Dix, IllinoisSep 01, 2007

This was a Local sting involving County Sherriffs and Mt. Vernon Police. They set up a bunch of signs on the southbound lane announcing a Drug stop ahead with K-9’s and they set them up on the uphill side of an overpass so you see the signs but can’t see the otherside of the overpass.

There is an offramp at the top of the overpass and if you exit on that offramp no matter what the reason they will stop you for suspicious behavior. They will make up any percieved violation to legally pull you over such as rolling through the stop, crossing a white line (illegal lane usage), or what they used on me (trailer hitch blocked license plate).

I took the exit just to see what they would do, they stopped me but then quickly let me go. The trick is, I was a local resident therfore my exiting on that offramp was not suspicious like it would be for an out of state citizen exiting at such a remote location presumably due to the drug signs they set up.

The trick is, no matter what just stay on the interstate and drive the speed limit and they cannot stop you. If you get off on that offramp they will make up a reason to pull you over.

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