Joliet, Illinois Roadblocks

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Near entrance to Highway 55 near Joliet Mall

Joliet, IllinoisFeb 01, 2010

Called it a "safety check", but asked for driver’s license and proof of insurance. Was issued a ticket for expired insurance card.

Corner of Richards and 2nd ave

Joliet, IllinoisNov 01, 2009

Set up in black/hispanic areas.

NB and SB I-55 onramps at IL Rt 30

Joliet, IllinoisMay 01, 2009

Memorial day weekend is always a big weekend for stepped up police presense. IL State troopers are positioned at the northbound and southbound I-55 onramps at the Rt 30 intersection near the Joliet mall. Police are positioned in a way to view into your vehicle before you enter the highway and are everyone regularly to inspect license, insurance, etc. You will certainly be flagged for driving without wearing a seatbelt. I passed this at approx. 1pm on May 22nd, 2009.

Van Buren at Collins

Joliet, IllinoisSep 01, 2007

Occurred on August 31st at 11PM.

Jefferson 3 blocks west of Larken

Joliet, IllinoisMay 01, 2003

All cars were stopped and directed into a closed restraunt where serarches were being performed this is happening more frequently especially durring the holidays. This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen on Memorial Day extensive stops and serches were being performed at this roadblock the very day that our troops fought over seas to keep this very thing from happening here PAPERS PLEASE.

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