Laurel, Mississippi Roadblocks

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5th Avenue and 15th Street

Laurel, MississippiMay 01, 2011

New spot for Laurel Police, also seen 7th avenue and 15th street. Get asked where you are going as if it’s their business. Best bet is avoiding Laurel all together. No good can come from running into the cops here. They aren’t standing there to give you a prize. Best scenario is you just got you constitutional rights violated. Congratulations and welcome to Laurel/Jones County.

10th Street and 16th Avenue (Hwy 15)

Laurel, MississippiMay 01, 2011

In front of Kim’s Toyota. 100% stop, after 10PM on week nights! Where are you going or where are you coming from? Typical nosy, bored cops that feel it’s safe to harass and blind motorist in packs rather dare find any known real criminals. That would be dangerous. So they pick on the public. They get almost nothing to show for it and repeat violating rights.

Hwy 84 West at bottom of hill next to country club

Laurel, MississippiAug 01, 2010

Road blocks can be found here from 10PM to as late as 5AM. Frequent questions are Where are you going or where are you coming from? Ratio of police at these to citizens traveling though is typical 3 to 1. You can expect to see six police cars for yourself and one other motorist.

Slaughter Pen Rd & Masonite Rd

Laurel, MississippiDec 01, 2008

A group of cops looking to make money for Jones Co. They also set up in the black neighborhoods. And they set up in AM when we are going to work and coming home in PM. They know we get a pay check.


Laurel, MississippiFeb 01, 2004

The Laurel police department park with their head lights shinning across the freeway to see if the occupant of the vehicles are black or Hispanic. Fortunately they stop mostly out of state Hispanics and leave most of the blacks alone. ACLU, this would be a good case for you.

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