Madison, Mississippi Roadblocks

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Intersection of 463 and Annandale Parkway

Madison, MississippiDec 03, 2015

Holiday season – usually sheriff and police department. “license check”

Highway 51 N

Madison, MississippiJun 15, 2015

Just north of town at the city limits. Involves county and city officials

Old Canton Road adjacent to Amerigo’s restaurant

Madison, MississippiJul 06, 2013

12:00p.m. On weekends near County Line Road on the Ridgeland side of Old Canton road. Madison county sheriffs and RPD were harassing motorists while looking for DUI and license validations. One officer acted like he smelled marijuana in order to make me admit to a crime. I respectfully insisted that there was nothing in my car and I was eventually allowed to go about my way. Madison is bad about roadblocks on the weekends. Try to use I 55 in order to avoid most roadblock hassles in the area if possible.

Highway 51 between Madison and Gluckstadt

Madison, MississippiApr 01, 2008

All vehicles are checked. Roadblock is in a valley and can’t be seen until the hill is topped. Both HP and Sherrif participate. Can be set up any time of day (rush hour), and around 9:00 P.M. on weekends.

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