Saucier, Mississippi Roadblocks

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hwy 67 & hwy 605 intersection

Saucier, MississippiOct 02, 2012

@ 11:00-1:00 on 10-2-2012

Northbound Hwy 67 & Hwy 49

Saucier, MississippiMar 01, 2010

Saw this road block at 14:10 on March 12th while heading southbound. Now they park a semi and wrecker at the site so that the roadblock appears to be an accident from a distance. They are crafty.

Hwy 67 just after on ramp from Hwy 49

Saucier, MississippiFeb 01, 2009

A friend was stopped and arrested at this roadblock on Jan 25th in the early evening.

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