New Madrid, Missouri Roadblocks

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Exit 49 Northbound off I-55

New Madrid, MissouriMar 01, 2010

Right before the exit 49 off ramp, there while be large flashing signs announcing drug check point ahead, drug dogs in use. There will be a police car with flashing lights beyond the I-55,exit #49 overpass. If you exit here (northboaund) you are being watched and often will be tailgated for short distances on #61, if they think you are suspicious. Usually set up in the evening on Friday or Saturday but I have seen one set up in the daytime. I know some who have been pulled over.

Update (3/2010): 1030pm. One truck pulled over. Three squad cars sitting on the median in the emergency turnaround road beweent the lanes. No one directing traffic. Saw one dark unmarked police car parked on southbound lane looking at the reaction of northbound trafftic just past announcemnt sign.

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