St. Louis, Missouri Roadblocks

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S. Broadway near Jefferson Barracks Blvd.

St. Louis, MissouriApr 01, 2012

11:00pm, March 31, 2012. 15 police cars and multiple DUI enforcement vans, it was a “DUI Sobriety Checkpoint” All cars were stopped, I was directed to an officer at the end of the line. I was asked to produce my drivers license. I was asked if I was drinking, if I was on drugs. They accused me of being “on something.” I denied it. I was asked to perform a sobriety test, to watch the officer’s finger. They told me if I had any illegal drugs or contraband in my car, I would go to jail because they had K9’s ahead (which as far as I could see they did not). Then they asked me where I was going & allowed me to go on my way.

S. Broadway & Lafayette

St. Louis, MissouriApr 01, 2012

12am March 31, 2012, DUI Sobriety Checkpoint. At least the 3rd checkpoint in our town last night that I am aware of, my friends passed through it. Typical questions: cops tried to get them to self-incriminate, asking about alcohol and drug use & contraband in the car. People were asked for their licenses, some were given field sobriety tests.

7th Street at Lebanon (Just south of Chouteau)

St. Louis, MissouriSep 01, 2007

This checkpoint was operated about two hours after the Cardinals game at Busch. Clearly meant to intimidate and harass fans after the game who had partied after the game. Blocked a key route from the stadium area and I-44, I-55. Talked to a cop who said this was a small checkpoint manned by 6 officers who caught 4 DWI suspects in a couple of hours.

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