Seward, Nebraska Roadblocks

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I-80 approximately 20 miles east of Grand Island

Seward, NebraskaAug 01, 2009

Large signs shortly before the checkpoint announcing "Drug Checkpoint Ahead" and "Drug Dog in Use Ahead." The actual checkpoint is not on 1-80 itself, but at the exit right after the signs. The officers probably expect that anyone carrying drugs will quickly try to exit to avoid a checkpoint, so the checkpoint is located at the exit, out of sight of the highway.

Of course I wasn’t carrying any drugs, so I wasn’t worried about proceeding on I-80, but when no checkpoint appeared, I realized it had to be at the only exit shortly after the signs. I wonder what the locals out in the remote Nebraska countryside think about getting stopped by the state troopers all day and searched for drugs when they take the only ramp from the highway to town.

Interstate 80 westbound

Seward, NebraskaJan 01, 2009

Stopped all Vehicles that used the Exit Ramp. Claiming failure to use turn signal while exiting the ramp. Officers were in hidden locations waiting for Exiting vehicles. Detained even after Citation was issued, Video and Mic recordings of Profiling, based on looks and family last name history.

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