Woodbridge, New Jersey Roadblocks

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Usually on MAIN STREET, New Bruns Ave or INMAN AVE

Woodbridge, New JerseyNov 25, 2013

Not so much as a roadblock but a scam of the PEDESTRIAN DECOY PROGRAM, where a plain clothes PO will walk out into the oncoming traffic in a crosswalk and if you don’t yield or stop another marked unit(s) is a few streets down to pull you over and ticket you for the failure to yield and the other stuff, this is blatant Entrapment and they run this scam only after setting up the electronic billboard on the street prior to the event and that is the warning,, on New Bruns AVe near the Seniors home is a prime setup for them………… but the next day or so they run the program so watch out!!!!!! If the sign is out on the block you sure as heck know within 72 hrs or so they will be running the Decoy pedestrian program!.pleas add other NJ decoy programs to this forum or maybe they will create one special for it…………………..

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