Farmington, New Mexico Roadblocks

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browning parkway

Farmington, New MexicoApr 13, 2012

700 pm

North west of Farmington on 170

Farmington, New MexicoFeb 01, 2004

This block is conducted by the State Police. It occurs as early as 6pm on a Friday or Saturday evening. Again this block is set up around a bend in the road so you don’t know about it until you’re right up on it .

East of Farmington US 64 (one mile west of casino)

Farmington, New MexicoFeb 01, 2004

The blocks are started about 8 pm during fall, winter and spring, and at sundown during the summer. The blocks are conducted as a joint operation between Farmington, Bloomfield, Aztec Police, State Police and County. The blocks are set up where you can’t see them until you’ve come around the curve in the road.

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