Santa Teresa, New Mexico Roadblocks

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McNutt Rd. (Hwy 273) Near Laura Ct. near cemetery.

Santa Teresa, New MexicoOct 29, 2013

Beware of McNutt road on weekends after dark. DWI checkpoint setup to ensnare traffic often after events held at Sunland Park Race Track and Casino. Road Block may be deployed about one mile south of Country Club Rd. intersection stopping north bound traffic. Check point is not visible until North bound traffic tops a hill where patrol units are set up on side of road to stop traffic attempting u-turns. LEOs will ask for “papers” and use all the clever tricks in the book to circumvent civil rights and get motorists to incriminate themselves. Consider alternate routes to avoid inconvenient hassles with traffic and LEOs. Know and be prepared to use countermeasures and respectfully exercise civil rights.

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