Brooklyn, New York Roadblocks

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Bay 8th St. between Shore Pkwy and Cropsey Ave.

Brooklyn, New YorkMar 17, 2016

Police setup a checkpoint to stop vehicles. Independence Ave is blocked and can’t be accessed.

Wyckoff Ave and Harman Street

Brooklyn, New YorkFeb 18, 2015

Several times a week there is a “Safety Check” roadblock setup here. officers request ID, Insurance & Registration. They do a visual search of the inside of your vehicle from the outside. I have been stopped here 3 times in the last 2 weeks.

Woodhull St/Hamilton St. between Richards and Columbia

Brooklyn, New YorkNov 14, 2014

11/13/14 at 9:00pm and raining. 2 policewomen stopping cars near entrance to Brooklyn Battery Tunnel/BQE. They asked for license only, took it into unmarked car, and returned it, wet from the rain, after 2-3 minutes. I’m a 70 y/o white woman with my husband in the front seat. I was too intimidated to ask any questions. I have no idea how often this roadblock is done, nor why.

President St and Nostrand Avenue

Brooklyn, New YorkSep 17, 2014

A large amount of people are stopped at different times of the afternoon and evening. Last night 9/16/14 they had one at about 9pm. Last week same thing. Stopping motorcycles and cars, even delivery guys. They block President southbound so you cant pass Nostrand to go to Rogers Ave. either.

between utica and saratoga ave

Brooklyn, New YorkFeb 14, 2014

police pulling drivers over for safety stops

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