Long Island City, New York Roadblocks

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12th Street and 36 Ave

Long Island City, New YorkOct 01, 2009

I am unsure what the police were exactly looking for however they wanted the usual license, insurance and registration. The apparently called in the license plate and shined their light in the windows.

Corner of Astoria Blvd and 31St St- Triboro Bridge

Long Island City, New YorkNov 01, 2003

I was told about this road Blcock from friends being set up there late at night, two or three in the morning. However, today Thursday, November 13th, I witnessed the road block at 4:15Pm. I was stopped at the light in the corner of 31St and Astoria Blvd, where I saw three Police Officers standing by the columns of the Triboro Bridge and every few seconds or so would go out into the street and flag/signal cars to pull over. I was not stopped because when I realize what was happening, I was able to turn right, instead of going through the intersection.

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