Asheville, North Carolina Roadblocks

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Old County Home Rd *AND* on Johnston School Rd

Asheville, North CarolinaMay 05, 2012

Sat May 5, 2012 Mid afternoon they were set up on Johnston School Rd where the road drastically curves. There was a lot of cars piling up and they seemed to be making Mexicans pull over to the side!
We just went right through.

Later, aprox 9:30pm they were set up down the street on Old County Home around a bend where you could only see them after you come around the corner. They have set up here MANY times before.
I asked “Is everything ok? Are you guys looking for someone?” He rudely ignored me and demanded license. After he checked that I again asked “Is there a criminal on the loose or something”? He harshly responded “Yes”. I think he was just being an asshole treating me like I had no right to ask what was going on.

They also like to set up road blocks at the bottom of Spivey Mountain at the intersection of Johnston School Rd and Johnston Blvd.

We have a significant Mexican community in this area and believe they are looking for illegal Mexicans.
But I feel my privacy and time is being violated and am disgusted that this is even legal? How is this constitutional?! To stop everyone without probable cause and create a huge traffic hazzard endangering our lives???

River Road

Asheville, North CarolinaJul 30, 2011

Turning right out od the wedge.

South French Broad at the intersection of Hilliard

Asheville, North CarolinaMay 01, 2010

Roadblock set up on may 24th as part of the "click it or ticket" campaign.

Craven Street Bridge

Asheville, North CarolinaJan 01, 2008

Saturday Morning, Likely looking for Hang-Overs.

Merrimon Avenue in front of Gourmet Perks

Asheville, North CarolinaSep 01, 2007

Set up two nights in a row (9/12/07 and 9/13/07).

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