Burnsville, North Carolina Roadblocks

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Hwy 80 by Blevin’s Farm

Burnsville, North CarolinaJun 10, 2016

1145pm on Friday June 10, 2016
At least six cop cars, a couple with lights on. All officers were standing on the side of the road and in the middle of the road in a very dimly lit area. I came to a stop and an officer came up to my window and asked me for my license. He then said he had to check my tag. Then he handed me back my license and said to have a good night. Felt very uncomfortable.

last stop light east of town at intersect HWY 19E and 197

Burnsville, North CarolinaJul 07, 2012

7/7/12 10:45 PM.

Three or more cop cars with lights flashing were stopping cars from all directions. An officer flagged me to stop. I asked what was going on, he only replied by asking for my driver license. After producing my license, I asked a second time. He said it was a driver license check and let me pass.

HWY 19E west side of town on Friday nights

Burnsville, North CarolinaMay 01, 2003

I have encountered this road block twice after returning from visiting friends who live out of town. The road block may occur more frequently as I have come accross it 2 of the 4 times I have traveled this road late on a friday night.

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