Cary, North Carolina Roadblocks

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Intersection of Chatham Rd and Harrison Ave.

Cary, North CarolinaOct 13, 2012

8pm Fri Oct 12. Roadblock was removed before 10pm, so likely wasn’t for checking sobriety.

Cars were backed up and police were moving very slowly. I’d had nothing to drink, so legally turned around to take another route. A police car quickly pulled me over. Relatively polite officer asked me where I was going, and for my license. After an acceptable (less than 5 min) wait, I was allowed to leave. No explanation was given for why I was pulled over.

piney pines between Dillard Dr. and Tryon

Cary, North CarolinaMar 15, 2012

drivers license check point.

Harrison & 40

Cary, North CarolinaSep 23, 2011

DUI checkpoint.

Hwy 54 just west of Trinity Road

Cary, North CarolinaJul 01, 2008

Officer asked where I was coming from. He was checking sobriety, I was not checked further, after replying I was driving a friend home.

Hwy 55 (north of Hwy 64)

Cary, North CarolinaFeb 01, 2008

This was set up on Hwy 55 just north of Hwy 64. Set up around 10PM.

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