Concord, North Carolina Roadblocks

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Intersection of cabarrus avenue and Kerr street

Concord, North CarolinaJun 29, 2015

Approx 1:20 am, large scale, many officers on scene. Was asked to see Id and where I was going to and from. Seemed like they were looking for something specific but very quickly replied it was a “simple license check”

Old Cemetery Rd

Concord, North CarolinaMar 09, 2015

License check. 10+ cops.

Branchview Dr.

Concord, North CarolinaOct 28, 2013

Road blocked both ways between Brookewood and Bradley. Setup in the middle of two curves where you can’t see them until they see you.

29 pittschool rd

Concord, North CarolinaJun 08, 2013

Both sides of 29

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