Gates County, North Carolina Roadblocks

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Highway 158

Gates County, North CarolinaMay 30, 2013

Road blocks are being set up on highway 158 near the border of Pasquotank County and Gates County near dismal swamp. It is a lisence check point. On weekends Sundays 2-5 pm. I have been through two of these road blocks recently. One occurred on a Sunday at 2 pm. The other on Memorial Day around 5 pm. People traveling home from a weekend at the beach going the back roads will run into to these road blocks. I was asked if I had guns in my car.

highway 158 on and/or near dismal swamp road.

Gates County, North CarolinaMay 29, 2013

I have gone through two road blocks here in 9 days. The first was on a Sunday afternoon around 2pm. The second was on Memorial Day, Monday afternoon around 5pm. They are asking to see license. If you question them they ask to see registration. I was also asked if I had any guns in my car. The highway patrol sets them up.

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