Kinston, North Carolina Roadblocks

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Institution Rd in Kinston Nc

Kinston, North CarolinaJan 01, 2015

DUI and Valid Driver License

South side of Kinston on Highway 258

Kinston, North CarolinaNov 26, 2011

Road block occured November 24th, 2011. When leaving Kinston I went over a bridge and as soon as I rounded the corner I noticed a line of cars and 5 cop cars. At first glimpse it looked as if someone had wrecked because there were no signs and no blue lights flashing. When I pulled up I was greeted by one of officers who was the standard “police attitude”.

Intersection of Hull Rd and Rouse Road Exit

Kinston, North CarolinaApr 01, 2010

Checking vehicle registration and seat belts.

NC-55 between NC-1161 and Croom Bland Road

Kinston, North CarolinaApr 01, 2005

LE was fishing: asked me where I was coming from, what I did for a living (I was driving an older model muscle car that obviously had a lot of money spent on restoration.) I felt offended, even though I answered both questions, but then I asked why they asked, where they looking for someone? I really came away with an interoggated feeling. I didn’t like it at all. I didn’t feel like they had my best interests at heart, and that is why I sought info on roadblocks and found your website. Next time I will decline answering any questions. Thanks much for the info!!

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