Lawndale, North Carolina Roadblocks

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NC Highway 18

Lawndale, North CarolinaMay 17, 2013

…early afternoon on May 16 I encountered one NC State Trooper with flashing lights before coming upon a ‘checkpoint’ roadblock, taking a ‘survey’ of every vehicle, both directions, by unidentified people in attire resembling road construction workers. ‘They’ were asking disturbing questions such as…’where are you going?, where are you coming from?, what county do you live in?”… AND peering into the vehicle…looking to see what was inside EVERY vehicle, as they asked the questions!!! This is a very rural area and also today: way too much ‘military’ aircraft buzzing low to the ground over this area… 2 jet fighters then 2 Hueys within an hour, all headed south…. Unidentified people stopping traffic taking a SURVEY!!! Am I in America?

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