Morehead City, North Carolina Roadblocks

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In front of the community college

Morehead City, North CarolinaMar 12, 2016

Dui license check

N. 20th Street at Calico Creek

Morehead City, North CarolinaAug 18, 2011

It occurred today, 8/18,11 at 2:00pm. As usual, they park at the bottom of the hill, so drivers are already committed to this two-lane road that crosses the Calico Creek Bridge by the time they come into view.
Two each – MHCPD and NCHP – each officer with his very own shiny new car! All four officers were Caucasian, and were stopping every car in what is definitely the most racially motivated roadblock in Carteret County, NC.
Tired of the PROFILING!! Tired of the PERSECUTION!
How do I get stats on these activities? Through the Highway Patrol, the local PD? How much of what they have already done is public information? I KNOW they RARELY roadblock the parallel road – “Country Club Road” (where all the white folk live) – but FREQUENTLY block 20th St. (the road to low-rent housing, trailer parks and low to middle income families).

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