Troy, North Carolina Roadblocks

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Glen Road (east of NC 24-27)

Troy, North CarolinaMar 01, 2011

I can’t say whether this is a regular occurrence or not, or whether all vehicles were stopped (I was the only vehicle at the time), as it happened to me only once at this location (Glen Road, approximately 1000 feet west of NC Hwy 24-27) between Troy and Biscoe.

I was stopped, two officers (one State Trooper and one town police parked on opposite sides of the road) asked for my license and registration and then proceeded to ask me if I was visiting the prison. WTF???? No, I don’t think so. Well, there is a prison at the other end of the road,, but still, this was insulting, as I have nothing to do with visiting the prison, but the road is a convenient shortcut if headed north of Troy.

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