Weldon, North Carolina Roadblocks

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Country Club Rd

Weldon, North CarolinaMar 27, 2014

As far I can tell about this roadblock. they usually set this up in the evening after 6:00pm the local police department of the enfield, Halifax county sheriffs office, Northampton county sheriffs office, and the north Carolina highway patrol. they usually set up near Chockoyotte Country Club, they love the night hours so people going this back way will get caught.

northampton/halifax county line on u.s.301/158

Weldon, North CarolinaMar 27, 2014

I have seen this used in a while but in the summer time they seem to like this spot. as you are traveling from garysburg going to Weldon, there is a bridge to cross the Roanoke river. they sit on the bridge checking license and license plate stickers.

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