Wilson, North Carolina Roadblocks

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Glendale RD/Tarboro St

Wilson, North CarolinaOct 08, 2016

You cannot travel north on Glendale Rd pass Tarboro St, you are forced to make a right or left on Tarboro St. This street is located along side the hospital.

Lakeside Dr

Wilson, North CarolinaOct 08, 2016

Road blocked off, you cannot go through Lakeside Dr near Forest Hills Rd.

Westwood Ave. between Lowes and Heritage Dr. W.

Wilson, North CarolinaJan 25, 2015

Two lane road with center lane for passing. 6 patrol cars parked in center lane such that three face one direction and 3 face the opposite direction. Probably pursuit vehicles. Cheeky female officer. About 12 noon.

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