Winston-Salem, North Carolina Roadblocks

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Ext 189 I40.

Winston-Salem, North CarolinaAug 11, 2021

I40 westbound ext 189 onto stratford rd.

Silas Creek Parkway between Miller St and Lockland Ave

Winston-Salem, North CarolinaDec 25, 2011

Police and SHP block off the westbound lanes of Silas Creek Pkwy in front of the Highway Patrol station, using the parking lot to “process” any intoxicated drivers. Usually active around Christmas and New Years, due to rise in the roadway, is impossible to spot and the median prevents U-turns.

University Pkwy/North Point Blvd

Winston-Salem, North CarolinaMay 01, 2010

They sit under the overpass. It’s hard to avoid this roadblock because you don’t see them until the last minute and they got cops watching you at the church and in the golden corral parking lot if you try to avoid.

Bethabra Park Blvd/Reynolda Rd

Winston-Salem, North CarolinaMay 01, 2010

Once you make a right onto Bethabra Park Blvd off of Reynolda you won’t see them just yet until you go up a lil hill then it’s too late because they are like 30 deep and doing nuffin then if you try to turn around they will chase you!!

Pope Rd

Winston-Salem, North CarolinaMay 01, 2010

Checking licenses and plates.

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