Yadkin County, North Carolina Roadblocks

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Shacktown Road exit off 421

Yadkin County, North CarolinaNov 01, 2008

My neighbor first told me about this roadblock. A police car sits at the end of the exit. When a motorist approaches while coming off the exit, the officer gets out of his car and motions for the car to pull over. He then engages the driver. The police car is not flashing his blue siren, which is something required by North Carolina law.

I started keeping an eye on this area, looking for the return of the police car. I did see it one day, but the officer did not exit his car to stop motorists. I would like to videotape these encounters, especially if the officer does not display the blue siren required by North Carolina law.

By the way, this checkpoint is easy to avoid. Simply slow down while starting to make your exit. If you see a police car at the end of the exit, you will still have time to stay on 421 and continue to the next exit. I find this to be the case with many checkpoints at the end of exit ramps.

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