Amherst, Ohio Roadblocks

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Eastbound on-ramp to route 2 near route 58

Amherst, OhioJan 27, 2014

I cannot recall the date this was setup, it was around mid-2013 and I want to say it was a Saturday. The roadblock was set up at midnight on the on-ramp to Ohio Route 2 (just east of Ohio Route 58) towards Elyria. The police had a large white van on the ramp with the back doors open. There were blinding lights coming from the vehicle purposely aiming at driver’s eyes as they proceeded through. Cops had pulled numerous other vehicles onto the shoulder but it looked like all the cops were busy at the time and I went through without getting pulled over. I have not been in the area that late since then so I do not know how often it is set up there.

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